Police and Crime

Diggle belongs to the Saddleworth North Division of Greater Manchester Police. Their website can be found by clicking on the link below

Greater Manchester Police – Saddleworth North

Inpector Danni Milovanovic

Inspector Danni Milovanovic and his team are keen to help Diggle residents in the fight against crime.

They can be contacted at Uppermill Police Station. It is open at the following times:

Monday to Wednesday 8am to 4pm
Thursday and Friday 10am to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays the station is closed

PC Mark Clough

Enquiry Desk telephone 0161 856 8990

Email: saddleworthandlees.npt@gmp.police.uk

Twitter: @GMPSaddleworth

Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111

Non Emergency telephone: 101

PCSO Monica Seville

The Community Police team is committed to listening to our concerns  and it is important that we meet regularly to exchange views.  At least one member of the team attends a DCA meeting or you can attend the monthly Saddleworth Community Police Public Forum.  Details are listed in the What’s On column on the Home page or you should contact a member of the team by email or telephone for the latest information.

PCSO Kath Crompton

We are fortunate that we live in area where the crime rate is not particularly high.  We want to keep it that way!  However, when crimes do occur they are upsetting, expensive and time-consuming. Many burglaries can be avoided by adding a few deterrents around and in the home to make it difficult for burglars and opportunist thieves.  The team advise that by following the common sense precautions listed below you will make a thief think twice before entering your home.

  • Lock garden gates that lead to the back of the house
  • Install intruder lighting at the back and the front of the house to stop thieves working in the dark
  • Install and maintain a good alarm system.  An alarm box in poor condition probably means it does not work – any thief will notice!
  • Use timer switches for internal lighting to give the impression the house is occupied
  • Do not leave any possessions in full view through windows in the home
  • Do not leave keys behind doors where thieves might be able to hook them through the letter box
  • Lock the door even when you are in the house
  • Lock valuables in the car boot where they are out of sight