Parish Council

DCA members are encouraged to raise issues at meetings but we would also point out that some issues can be dealt with more promptly by Saddleworth Parish Council or Oldham Metropolitan Council.  These bodies are empowered to provide solutions and follow the actions through to conclusion.

Saddleworth Parish Council

Diggle is represented on Saddleworth Parish Council under the Dobcross Ward.  The following councillors represent the ward and can be contacted with any issues affecting the village:

Lesley Brown

Councillor Ms. Lesley Brown (Independent)

01457 875353


Mike Buckley

Councillor Mr. Mike Buckley (Liberal Democrat)

01457 820015


Royce Franklin

Councillor Mr. Royce Franklin (Liberal Democrat)

01457 873248

Saddleworth Parish Council website can be find here

Saddleworth North

In addition, Diggle belongs to Saddleworth North.  This area also includes Delph, Denshaw, Dobcross, Scouthead and Austerlands.  The following councillors represent Saddleworth North at Oldham Council and can be contacted with any issues affecting the area:

Mike Buckley

Councillor Mike Buckley (Liberal Democrat)

01457 820015


Derek Heffernan

Councillor Derek Heffernan (Liberal Democrat)

0161 652 3705


Alan Roughley

Councillor Alan Roughley (Liberal Democrat)

01457 870074


Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

All our councillors provide support to Diggle and the DCA.  They often attend  our meetings to report on particular issues and provide information affecting the community.

However, if they cannot be contacted, you may find someone able to help at Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council.

Follow this link to OMBC’s A – Z of Services 

Or telephone 0161 770 3000